International Gospel Tree of Life


We are so excited to be able to share this event with the whole world !!!

As you all might or might not know,, We built the International Gospel Lighthouse Church, 99 Lighthouse Rd. Campbellsville, Kentucky in the year of 2000.
  We built our church bigger in 2005 and at this point we still own the bank $64,000.00.
We would love to get this PAID-OFF by Oct. 2014 !!! With the HELP of The Lord and our friends and family,, we can do this !!!!

We want to include anyone and everyone that might want their name or a family member's name put on "Our Tree of Life "

You can buy a leaf, a branch, an acorn, or a brick or the tree trunk. We will put your name or family name on it as a piece of The History of our Church.
You can also purchase ( any item but a leaf ) to have "In memory of" for a love one. 
Please write me or call me or go to our donation page and  join our family in our race to see WHO will get What ??
(be sure to let me know what you are purchasing ) First come, first serve !!

I hope all of the preachers, pastors and evangelist that have preached at our church, help out in this fund-raiser !!!!

You can have your name or FAMILY's Name or in memory of someone put on our History Quilt.


Just write me or call or go through Pay Pal on our site.

Let me know where and what you have chosen !!

 Leaves = $100.00  Branches = $150.00  Whole Bricks = $800.00  Half brick = $300.00
 Acorns = $500.00  
We have a missionary from Kenya on our HISTORY Quilt and her son  !! 

Thanks to all that has donated so far !! There is a Pay-Pal    account on here, if you want to use a credit card. Let us know where you want your name !!!

As of the first of Oct. we have paid over $12,000.00 on our building fund. It is now below $50,000.00