Ghana, West Africa 2015

Those who attended:
Pastor Anna Overstreet of the IGL
Sis. Carlene Sullivan attends IGL
Sis. Karla Bower from Campbellsville, KY, visits the IGL

So in Sept. 2002 we went to Accra, Ghana, West Africa.
Only 3 ladies from church were able to get off to go. The land was rough, no good water, no easy food to eat, and the smell of the land would almost turn your stomach. We took food with us that we knew would last. Peanut butter, nuts, caned meats, crackers, cookies and some drinks.
We had service somewhere every day in a different village. We feed as many children that we had food for. Never enough!! Taught in their Bible Schools, and prayed for the children and adults in the hospitals and villages, made some bread on Sunday, to take to the villages on Monday. It was so good; we got to eat some of that!