Ghana, West Africa 2016


Those who attended:
Pastor Anna Overstreet of the IGL
Sis. Angie Hicks attends IGL
Sis. Doris Darst attends IGL
Bro. Scott Darst attends IGL

Missionary trip to Ghana, West Africa

We arrived close to dark in Accra, a city of 6 million people. We were tired and almost sick from lack of sleep.
We got our bags, went through Customs, and went out side to a world we did not know, to listen for a recognizable voice, Bro. Charles Mills.
Hundreds of black faces around the walk way, people shouting names and waving hands. Then,, there it was " Mama " ,, Bro. Mills' voice! We got through the gate and several of his group were there to welcome us, shaking hands and greeting us.
We prayed and then we went on our way. It was VERY HOT! Were our first words already!!
They loaded our bags in one van and we rode with Samuel, one of Bro. Mills Bible Students. It was dark by this time. The streets were filled with people, cars, trucks, busses, and scooters coming at us from all sides, there were hardly any red lights or road signs and after a few miles , NO ROAD!
The heart of Accra, there are some good black topped roads, but as you go out of the city , there are only dirt roads, no gravel, large holes, bumps and ups-and-downs. It would remind us of an off road 4 wheeler tracks. Hundreds of people in the dark, mothers carrying their small ones in a wrap on their backs, some with tubs of things to sell on their heads, vendors by, and in the road, everywhere, to sell what ever they had, to feed their families. It’s the way of LIFE, there.
We arrived at Bro. Mills mission home about an hour and a half later. They were having a small church service for us in the Upper Room Church. We quickly went to the bath-room and then were lead to the front, where we were seated on the platform as honoured guests. Songs of praise rang out, it was beautiful. We were soon in tears over how God had met us there in the Spirit. Beautiful is the Lord! Short testimonies from each one of us, lot of hand shaking and greetings, then down to Bro. Mills home.
We had something planned every day for us, in the way of Missions, to the schools and the children, to the Bible Schools, to the Regents College and the open air church meeting at night. We fed the village children and passed out candy; spoke at Christian Schools and village schools too. We were well spent, for The Lord. It all was great, but very hot, ALL the time, 92 degrees was the average for the day and 89 at night. The coolest night was 85. That was hard on our bodies.
The greatest thing, for us, that came out of this trip was, We are now The Home Office of
I ordained about 30 pastor over there in Ghana, about 20 churches now will carry our name.
Several of them will be in our 2006 International Convention in June this year.
History is made every day; let us make a mark in it for JESUS CHRIST our LORD!