Our Pastor

ImageGreeting you in Jesus' Name!

I am, Pastor Anna Overstreet

The Church and I have celebrated 27 years of pastoralship, in October 2018.

Just want to share some personal information with you.

I was born in Marion County, Kentucky, (which I believe is a beautiful state). Tallow Creek is where I lived; this is a very rural area of Taylor County. I attended school in Mannsville, until the first year of High School.
My father’s name is Lucian Sallee, who passed in 1982. My mother’s name is Marguerite Garrett Sallee, whom is still with us. I have four sisters: Barbara, Virginia, Carlene, and Josephine.

My soul was saved at the age of thirteen. I got married at a very young age of 15  and moved away to Indianapolis, Indiana. This is where the LORD started my growth in HIM, taught me about the HOLY GHOST and Spiritual gifts. I do praise GOD for that.

I have four lovely children: Doris, Relena, Timothy, and Joye.

I have ten grandchildren: LeeAnna, Chris (step-grandchild), Jonathan, Heather, Kayla, Raimi, Lucian, Shelbie, Dillan, and Tyler (step-grandchild)

I have five great-grandchildren: Abbigail, Zarek, Garrett, Tyrek, and Paislee. 

I’m married to Willis Overstreet and he has two children (whom are like my very own) Stacy and Talbin.
He has six grandchildren: Mitchell, Hayden, John Avery, Jacob, Justin, and Katie.

I started preaching in 1983, after an angel of the LORD brought me a WORD from GOD! I started walking through any door that came open to me (people were not very receptive of a woman preacher then, like they are now). I sang, played a guitar, testified, and preached the WORD OF GOD! Some of the places that I evangelized at were in Lebanon, Gravel Switch, Riley, and Perryville.
In 1988, we moved to Taylor County, on Kindness Road.

Attended several churches in the area, and then went to a little church on Walnut Street in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Found myself being asked to be the Pastor of this little church, which became "Apostolic Full Gospel Light House" in 1991, because of the current Pastor with heart problems and travelling the distance from Indiana was too much on the body. So this little church started to grow and there was no room for much expansion. In 1998, we took a large leap of FAITH and went on a missionary trip to South Africa. Which GOD gave us a vision to grow and we started looking for some land to build a new church. Bought some land in the Acton Community of Taylor County and built a church. We now have room for Sunday school and a fellowship hall. Had our first service in the basement of the Church in 2000, it was Watch Night Service. We moved into the building in April 2000 and the name changed to "International Gospel Lighthouse". GOD has richly blessed us! In 2004, the International Convention's started. In 2005, we were blessed to build a new sanctuary, where we have space for our International Convention Services.
In May of 2007,we moved from the farm on Kindness Road to Lighthouse Road, beside the church, which is located in the Acton Community.
Walking distance now, THANK GOD!

I don’t believe the LORD is done with the Church yet! Thank GOD that HE can do wonders with a little! The LORD has made us to what HE wants us to be!
I am nothing, but HE is everything! I am so proud to be the Pastor of the International Gospel Lighthouse church!

Your servant in CHRIST JESUS! Sister Anna Overstreet
You may call me at 270-465-2594