15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (2024)

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Get inspired with these delicious Instant Pot lentil recipes for healthy and budget-friendly eating. Perfect for weeknight cooking, comfort food cravings, and meal prep.

15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (1)


What's not to love about lentils? If you've been cooking with your Instant Pot long enough, you've likely made quite a few dishes with this pantry staple. They're a truly versatile food, and they fit in just about everyone's budget. You can get a ton of lentils without breaking the bank, and you can always find a beautiful rainbow of variety in the bulk section. The vegan eaters already know what's up with lentils.

Not only are they cheap, but they're healthy too. Naturally gluten-free, this tiny-but-mighty lentil is a fabulous source of plant protein coming in at 18 grams per cup! They're also high in vitamin B6 and B1, iron, folate, and magnesium, helping you to eat a bit less meat while still getting in those essential components. Finally, lentils are full of fiber to help keep you fuller for longer and make digestion smooth.

Generally speaking, you want to soak lentils prior to cooking just like with any legume. Not only does this increase nutrition by reducing the amount of phytic acid (which binds to nutrients), but it decreases cooking time too. It will also give you a chance to sift through the lot and find any stray pebbles hiding out amongst the lentils.

Did we mention they're tasty? With all the different ways you can cook and create with this legume, you'll never get bored. This is especially true if you're using your Instant Pot which takes the cooking time down, giving you perfectly tender and delicious results every time. Here are some of our favorite Instant Pot lentil recipes.

Thai Red Lentil Soup

This warm and spicy Thai-inspired Instant Pot red lentil soup is the perfect weeknight meal. It is packed with veggies, plant-based protein, creamy coconut milk and a ton of flavor! This soup is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly.


Vegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

This heartyInstant Pot Shepherd’s pieis vegan and gluten-free and is made with nutritious lentils, mushrooms and vegetables, topped with creamy mashed potatoes.


Instant Pot Vegan Bolognese

If you love homemade Italian cuisine, you must try this vegan bolognese recipe. This meat-free version is made with red lentils and mushrooms, pressure cooked in a gorgeous, rich tomato sauce. You’ll be surprised by how satiating and hearty this dish is, making it a worthy rival to its traditional meaty cousin.


Smokey Lentil Stew

Hearty, deliciously spiced and a little smokey, this vegan-friendly Instant Pot lentil stew is super easy to make and will quickly become a favorite plant-based dinner recipe. Serve it with rice, potatoes or a side of toasted bread rolls or baguette.


Super Easy Coconut Lentil Curry

This creamy, beautifully spiced Instant Pot lentil curryis super easy and nutritious, perfect for a plant-based weeknight dinner for the whole family. It’s a thick, stew-like curry that can be served over rice or as is with some crusty bread.


Turkish Split Pea Instant Pot Stew

This recipe is a fantastic way to use split peas or lentils. Split peas are a bit different though they are still a legume. They don't require pre-soaking, and they yield a creamy and delicious addition to the stew, but your favourite type will work in this recipe. It's a vegan and gluten-free dish loaded with aromatics and flavour for a Turkish-inspired, protein-rich lunch or dinner.


Instant Pot Lentil Soup

This gorgeous Instant Pot lentil soup is a delicious and healthy meal full of plant-based protein, fiber, and nutrients. It’s tasty, simple to make and is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.


Instant Pot Madras Lentils With Raita

These Instant Pot Madras lentils are a toned-down, everyday lentil curry that is very comforting and nourishing. It captures the essence of a rich Indian dal but with a lighter, more tomato-based sauce and the addition of potatoes and carrots.


Inspired by cabbage soup but with more substance and flavor. It’s a light, healthy soup when you need a little cleansing meal after an overindulging weekend.


Instant Pot Lentil Stew

This vegetable-loaded stew is both flavorful and nutritious. It’s somewhere between a thick soup and a stew. This is a beginner-friendly, easy recipe with few ingredients involved.


Cheesy Instant Pot Lentils & Brown Rice

The combination of lentils and brown rice lends a healthy and hearty base, perfect for taking on zesty Southwestern flavour. This is bursting with green chiles, bell pepper, and onion. Fresh mozzarella and cheddar are the dynamic duos on top, melting throughout for a creamy spoonful each and every bite. Recipefrom Platings & Pairings.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (12)

Instant Pot Cabbage Lentil Soup

Need a winter warmer? Look no further. Combining the joys of cabbage soup with lentil soup yields brilliant and cozy results in this veggie stew. Tons of spices add flavour, and there's even a little jalapeno for a spicy kick. It only takes 15 minutes to make 6-7 cups of soup, so you can expect to have leftovers with minimal effort. This is the kind of meal we love! Recipefrom Chef de Home.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (13)

Spiced Instant Pot Lentils and Rice

Humble beginnings are often the start of a good, down-home, comfort food meal. This is one of those. The combination of brown lentils, green lentils, and white rice adds variety to the mix, soaking up delicious veggie broth and spices with anti-inflammatory turmeric in the mix. A dash of nutritional yeast gives these a cheesy flavour that can't be beaten while remaining plant-based and dairy-free. Recipefrom Healthy Slow Cooking.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (14)

Chicken and Beluga Lentils in the Pressure Cooker

Double the protein, double the fun. This dish incorporates chicken and lentils together for a truly luscious and filling blend. The dish is packed with diced pancetta, crimini mushrooms, parsnips, and fennel for a good dose of hidden veggies and nutrients, perfect for serving over rice. Beluga lentils are tiny and black, resembling caviar! Recipefrom The Yum Yum Factor.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (15)

Rosemary Lentils, Beans & Yams

Here is a powerful plant-based trio. You get your starches, fiber, and protein in this dish with a variety of texture and flavor going on. The yams add a touch of sweetness and color to this simple blend, coming to life with earthy rosemary and a little time. Recipefrom Plant Based Recipe.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (16)

Instant Pot Chicken, Lentil & Bacon Stew

Boasting creamy lentils, perfectly cooked chicken, and smoky bacon to add depth to the tremendous flavor in this recipe, you'll love how easy it is to assemble something so satisfying in short order. French or Le Puylentils plus skin-on, bone-in chicken are the key here. Recipefrom Serious Eats.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (17)

Golden Coconut Lentil Soup

This lentil dish is a bit like curry, served in a turmeric-infused coconut broth with white rice. To adapt to Instant Pot, simmer the garlic and onions on saute mode first, and add in the rest of the ingredients, cooking for around 15 minutes which cuts this recipe time in half. You can use either green or yellow lentils, or a mix of both if you're feeling adventurous. Recipefrom Budget Bytes.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (18)

Instant Pot Lentil Tortilla Soup

An array of rainbow toppings on this soup and corn tortilla chips to dip are the key, but we all know it's what's on the inside that counts. Tucked away in this recipe is a blend of both black and pinto beans, corn, and red lentils. Mexican-inspired spices bring that flavor home, blended with heavy cream, tomato sauce, and salsa verde. Recipefrom Peas & Crayons.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (19)

Instant Pot Lentil & Veggie Soup

Sometimes, you just need veggies - and a lot of them. This soup is perfect for embracing seasonal produce or cleaning out the fridge, and it takes on any veggie pretty well. The lentils stand-in for protein adding some bulk to the dish, soaking up all of those beautiful flavors for a nourishing and colorful bowl of comfort food. Recipe from Feasting At Home.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (20)

Instant Pot Lentil Chili

No beansor meat? You'd be surprised at just how chunky and satisfying this tasty bowl of chili is! It's a simple meal that takes on all the flavor, and we know lentils are fantastic for soaking all that tomato goodness and the spices right up. This vegan chili is budget-friendly and gluten-free. Recipefrom Jeanette's Healthy Living.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (21)

Instant Pot Dal Makhani

You can use any combination of whole and split lentils in this recipe - black lentils, mung beans, red lentils, kidney beans - so get creative! Dal makhani comes to life with the spice blend garam masala, perfect for topping off with fresh cilantro, some yogurt, and roti. Recipe from My Heart Beets.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (22)

Instant Pot Aloo Palak Dal

Aloo palak dal is a lentil dish with spiced potatoes and spinach, helping you use up those greens and get your nutrients in. It's a bit like curry. It's best served with rotis - the pita on the side - so don't skip that extra step! You'll have plenty of time to make them if you use your Instant Pot. Recipe from Vegan Richa.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (23)

Vegan Lentil Instant Pot Gumbo

How exactly does one make gumbo without meat? Don't knock it 'til ya try it. This Southern delicacy is nurturing for the mind, body, and soul while packing in flavor that cannot be beaten - even with meat. You start with the Southern base of green bell pepper, celery, and onion, and build upon it with Cajun spice, okra, and lentils. You can even add some riced cauliflower to keep it more authentic yet grain-free. Recipefrom Cotter Crunch.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (24)

We hope you enjoy these amazing ideas to use one of our favorite pantry staples - lentils! Cooking them has never been easier or more delicious. If you enjoy these recipes, make sure to share this roundup.


15+ Instant Pot Lentil Recipes That Are Tasty & Nutritious (25)

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