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Thank you all for your feedback on Clean UI so far! In this post I want to collect all recurring questions or problems in regards to that mod.

Please make sure to have the newst version (1.4) installed!



Does your Clean UI support other languages? The UI looks really great!

Yes, it supports all languages as it only makes changes to the user interface, and does not modify or require any language!

@haemel asked:

Would a widescreen UI work for a resolution size that is 1280x1024?

I think you’re referring to the CAS options as Clean UI itself works on all resolutions. Since you have a screen width of 1280px, you can choose the‘cas-min-width-1280-additional-200px.package’ file! Please note it’s possible that CAS can still be stuck in default mode which is probably related to your graphics card (scroll down a bit for more info).

Anonymous asked:

After installing Clean UI, everything seems great but there are one missing, i don't have white text background like "There are no actions" when i click anything and it's only default, what did i missing add something or forgot to add it?, Thank you for your hard work for Clean UI.

It seems like you didn’t move the file‘gckp-clean-ui-tooltip-graphic.package’ to the base game’s UI folder. For some strange reason, it just doesn’t work when its in the Downloads folder.

Anonymous asked:

hello !! first of all i wanna say thank you so much for clean ui, it’s amazing and i’ve been waiting for it for the longest time ever and can’t wait to keep playing with it from now on. i just have a problem,, i used to use the widescreen cas mod and i removed it because the original download post says that it’s included. i successfully installed everything but cas is back to blocking the sim as it was by default. i tried each and every package file separately and it hasn’t changed? :(

Did you remove both of Chris Hatch widescreen mods (one moves the control area, the other moves and enlarges it)? If so, it can be related to your graphics card (scroll down a bit for more info).

Anonymous asked:

Hi, was your clean ui mod supposed to change backgrounds in CAS or is it different mod shown on your pics?

It’s just a CASreplacement that has nothing to do with Clean UI.

Anonymous asked:

Hey there! First of all thank you for all the great work with clean UI, it's so beautiful! I just wanted to ask if the blue loading screens (like when a sim goes from home to a community lot) are missing or I just didn't install the mod correctly :s

It’s sadly not possible to edit these loading screens.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a question about one of the recommended mods to go with Clean UI, the one that edits family loading screen text, it doesn't work for me for some reason. I'm installing it in my latest EP text folder and no changes. Does it work for you? Clean UI is amazing by the way, thank you so much, i can't believe that it's actually released!

So Clean UI and the family text mod shouldn’t conflict at all since Clean UI modifies the UI and the other mod just the text. So I think you would have to contact the creator of the mod.Anonymous asked:

Can I use sims 2 logo replacement mods with clean ui

If you use a widescreen loading screen, you can’t. It’s because these‘loading screens’ take the Sims 2 image in the center, enlarge it and transform it to a loading screen overlay image. If you don’t use any loading screen, it will work (though the small image in the menus would conflict since it’s included in the Clean UI package).

Anonymous asked:

What is "gckp-clean-ui-tooltip-graphic package" for? It's not mentioned in the Installation instructions.

It’s the graphic that shows when you mover the mouse over an object. It’s now a rounded white rectangle instead of a yellow one.

@criminalmiik asked:

Hello! I wanted to inquire if the seasons icon in live mode still have the blue behind it or did I do something wrong? I followed the instructions. Thank you and I really love it! Makes the game look brand new! :)

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It’s a sign that you’re using the colorful seasons mod. You don’t need that, Clean UI does it on its own and modifies the part of the live mode UI further on.

@neighborhoodcornerstore asked:

Can I use clean ui even if I run windows vista?

It doesn’t matter, Clean UI and any other mod will work on all operating systems!

Anonymous asked:

Hey, after we talk about white text background, so now it work fine, anyway other thing i found bug icon of all hobbies has blank black, is this bug known? if not, so try check it, thank you again.

@plumbobsandllamas asked:

Hey! I love your Clean UI mod, however I noticed a slight "glitch" that I'm not sure if you're aware of? If you hover over a hobby, the icons that display hobby activities are slightly offset and there's a black space in the UI. [...]

I just found out this is not a problem with Clean UI, but with a mod that changes the conversation icons and therefore also the hobby icons. It also appears that way without Clean UI sadly. So it’s nothing I can fix.


Anonymous asked:

Do we need to do something to activate the cas columns? I picked the 'cas-min-width-1280-additional-200x' package and the extra columns doesnt appear. My resolution is 1366

This is probably not related to Clean UI. With the help of friendly simmers, it seems that it’s rather due to your graphics card, because CAS always resets to the two column mode that was created for low resolutions. Please try to use Graphic Rules Maker so your game can detect your graphics card or increase the resolution if possible.

As an enthusiast with in-depth knowledge of Clean UI for The Sims 2, let me address the questions and concerns raised in the article:

  1. Multilingual Support:

    • Question: Does Clean UI support other languages?
    • Answer: Yes, Clean UI supports all languages as it only makes changes to the user interface without requiring any language modifications.
  2. Widescreen UI for 1280x1024 Resolution:

    • Question: Would a widescreen UI work for a resolution size of 1280x1024?
    • Answer: Clean UI itself works on all resolutions, but for CAS options, you may need the 'cas-min-width-1280-additional-200px.package' file for a screen width of 1280px.
  3. Missing White Text Background:

    • Question: After installing Clean UI, there's a missing white text background. What did I miss?
    • Answer: Ensure you moved the file 'gckp-clean-ui-tooltip-graphic.package' to the base game's UI folder, as keeping it in the Downloads folder may cause issues.
  4. Widescreen CAS Mod Issue:

    • Question: Widescreen CAS mod isn't working even after removing it as advised. What could be the issue?
    • Answer: Ensure both of Chris Hatch's widescreen mods are removed, and if the issue persists, it might be related to your graphics card. Check for additional information below.
  5. CAS Background Change:

    • Question: Does Clean UI change backgrounds in CAS?
    • Answer: No, Clean UI is solely a CAS replacement and doesn't alter backgrounds. Any changes observed might be from a different mod.
  6. Loading Screen Modification:

    • Question: Can I modify loading screens with Clean UI?
    • Answer: Clean UI doesn't modify loading screens, and it's not possible to edit them.
  7. Compatibility with Other Mods:

    • Question: Can I use Sims 2 logo replacement mods with Clean UI?
    • Answer: It depends on whether you use a widescreen loading screen. Without loading screens, it should work, but conflicts may occur with the small image in the menus.
  8. Purpose of 'gckp-clean-ui-tooltip-graphic' Package:

    • Question: What is the 'gckp-clean-ui-tooltip-graphic package' for?
    • Answer: It's the graphic that appears when you hover over an object, replacing the default yellow rectangle with a rounded white one.
  9. Colorful Seasons Mod Issue:

    • Question: The seasons icon in live mode still has a blue background. Is this normal?
    • Answer: If you're using the colorful seasons mod, Clean UI handles it automatically. You don't need the separate mod for this.
  10. Compatibility with Windows Vista:

    • Question: Can I use Clean UI with Windows Vista?
    • Answer: Yes, Clean UI and other mods work on all operating systems, including Windows Vista.
  11. Hobby Icons Bug:

    • Question: Icons of all hobbies have a blank black bug. Is this known?
    • Answer: This might be related to a mod that changes conversation icons, not Clean UI. It appears even without Clean UI.
  12. CAS Columns Activation:

    • Question: Do we need to do something to activate the CAS columns?
    • Answer: This is likely unrelated to Clean UI. Graphics card issues may cause CAS to reset to default two-column mode. Use Graphic Rules Maker or adjust the resolution.

By addressing these questions, I aim to provide comprehensive insights and assistance to the Clean UI users.

#Clean UI | greatcheesecakepersona (2024)
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