How to give flowers correctly: the basic rules of floral etiquette (2024)

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No holiday is complete without a beautiful bouquet. At first glance, it seems that flowers are just a nice addition to congratulations, which does not oblige you to anything. But not knowing the little tricks of "flower" etiquette can lead to embarrassment, or put the giver in an awkward position. In order not to get into trouble, you should not only know how to give flowers correctly, but also learn how to choose the most successful species, varieties and colors that match the situation.

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How to give a present

There are certain rules for presenting bouquets of fresh flowers:

  • The bouquet is handed over after the congratulatory speech is delivered.
  • Flowers should be placed in the left hand. If the composition is very voluminous or heavy, then it is permissible to hold it with both hands.
  • If the hostess of the house is present at the celebration, then a bouquet is presented to her without fail, regardless of whether she is the hero of the occasion or not.
  • If a couple is invited to the celebration, then the woman carries the bouquet, and the man hands it.
  • Presenting a bouquet should not be fleeting. You should give this lesson attention and time.
  • If the hero of the occasion is a young girl, and her mother is present at the celebration, then the bouquets are handed over to both women. In this case, the compositions should not differ from each other.
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  • If the services of special companies for the delivery of flower arrangements are used, then the bouquet should contain a business card or postcard, which indicates the purpose of the presentation. Anonymous delivery is also appropriate if the donor wants to surprise the hero of the occasion. But in this case, you should be sure that he will not cause problems, for example, he will not cause jealousy of the guy or the husband of the girl herself. This is one of the basic rules on how to properly give flowers according to etiquette.
  • If flowers are presented in a theater or other public place, and can be accidentally damaged, then it is worth using packaging that will serve as a kind of protection. Also, packaging is required if the composition is presented outside in winter.
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How to accept a bouquet

When receiving a gift, you should thank the giver. A few words are enough. After that, the bouquet should be placed in a vase, which is best placed in a conspicuous place. If you do not take these actions, then you can easily offend the donor.

If the composition was delivered by a special service, and there is a business card inside, then you should thank the donor for the gift. in the event that it is not possible to do this in person, it is worth making a call or writing a message.

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Even if the composition is not to your liking, or one of the components causes allergies, you cannot demonstrate your negative emotions. It is very important to follow facial expressions, gestures, and also without fail to express your gratitude.

We present a bouquet to a beloved woman, wife, mother or sister

When the hero of the occasion is a loved one, then some rules can be neglected. So, for example, a beloved woman can find a flower early in the morning on a pillow. But at the same time, it is important not to turn the gift into a mere formality. To prevent a woman from having such an impression, it is worth using little tricks:

  • As an addition, you can use a funny postcard, a chocolate bar, or a box with your favorite sweets.
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  • Older women can be presented with compositions of contrasting colors. For example, a combination of blue and white speaks of admiration for the wisdom of a lady, and a composition of blue and yellow buds will help express gratitude for the patience and loyalty to the family.
  • Burgundy or bright red flowers are presented exclusively by husbands, grooms or lovers.
  • For girls, it is not the bouquet itself that is important, but the purpose of the presentation. This is important to consider when choosing plants when composing a composition. Perhaps blue flowers are reminiscent of beautiful eyes.
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Putting together a composition for a girl

When compiling a composition, it is important to consider not only the color and size of the buds, but also the quantity:

  • It is important not to allow an even number of large buds, since an even number in a bouquet is considered mourning in our traditions.
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  • To tell a young girl that she is the only one in life, it is worth presenting one beautiful flower.
  • 3 flowers indicate that the guy is ready to follow the girl anywhere.
  • 5 buds are a kind of declaration of love. For this purpose, it is best to use roses of a rich red hue.
  • If there are 7 stems in the composition, then this bouquet is considered the most successful gift for engagement.
  • If a guy gives a girl a bouquet of nine flowers, then this indicates that he can only offer her friendship. For this reason, it is not worth giving such compositions to your beloved girl - she may misunderstand the motives of the donor.
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When composing compositions, it is important to consider the color of the petals:

  • White shade means innocence.
  • Blue is about devotion, pink is about love.
  • A bright red bouquet is about passion.
  • Yellow flowers indicate hope for love.
  • Lilac and purple are about trust and peaceful intentions.

A bouquet of field, forest or meadow flowers is appropriate as a present only for loved ones. It is not presented at a celebration or anniversary.

Among the beautiful and bright decorative flowers, there are a lot of poisonous ones. Daffodils, lilies of the valley, lilies, carnations and roses do not combine with other flowers. They secrete substances that destroy other plants.

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How to present flowers to a man

The reason for presenting a bouquet to a man can be a birthday, a holiday on the occasion of the appointment. Also, flowers are often given to artists at a concert.

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Rules of etiquette

  1. If a wife is present near the hero of the occasion, then the flower arrangement is awarded to her.
  2. A woman should not give a bouquet to a representative of the stronger sex if he is younger than her.
  3. When a bouquet is given for no particular reason, publicity should be avoided, as the situation can cause embarrassment.

Despite the fact that there are no special restrictions when choosing plants for male compositions, it is still worth following some unspoken rules.

The composition for a man can include dahlias, gladioli, bamboo, anthuriums, delphiniums, roses, callas, orchids, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums.

Preference should be given to plants with flowers of saturated colors. It can be dark purple, white, blood red, burgundy colors.

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If the occasion is not very significant, then it is appropriate to present only one flower. You can use a gladiolus branch, a cut orchid, or a large rose.

Also, a man can be presented with a flower in a pot. Of all the possible options, bonsai, or plants that rarely bloom, but have a remarkable shape or beautiful crown, such as myrtle, are best suited.

Bouquet for a business partner or colleague

This gift will decorate the office. For this reason, bright, voluminous flowers are used for decoration, regardless of who the composition is given to, a woman or a man.

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Often, exotic plant species are used to create "business" bouquets. The composition of such a composition may include anthurium, strelitzia, leukodendron. Bright and unusual bouquets will decorate a large room and will attract attention.

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Bright and beautiful flowers show respect for a partner. It is worth giving preference to compositions with original geometric solutions.

What flowers can not be given

Some flowers, no matter how beautiful they are, should not be given at all, especially if the recipient is a superstitious person. For example:

  • The composition of dried flowers evokes associations with withering, and even the end of life. We can consider them carriers of dead energy. For this reason, such compositions should not be presented as a gift and kept at home.
  • Violet is a symbol of untimely death and sadness. The myths of Ancient Greece describe how Zeus turned a young and young girl into a violet. For this reason, the plant is not used to create compositions.
  • Bindweeds are popularly called muzhegons. There is a theory that all climbing plants have a strong male energy. For this reason, men in the house become not very comfortable, and he tends to leave it.
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  • If a woman is married, then a bouquet of red roses received from an outsider can cause jealousy. Presenting such bouquets in such situations is considered bad form.
  • In Europe, a white chrysanthemum is a sign of grief. Also, this plant is considered mourning in Korea and Japan. In China, this role is given to irises.
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What to consider when choosing plants for composition

First of all, you should pay attention to the number of colors. Since an even number is considered unfavorable, you can give not 10, but 11 flowers. Although, not so long ago, two, four or six flowers in a bouquet was considered acceptable. And the most expensive bouquets were counted in dozens. But in order to avoid misunderstandings, do not neglect the traditional rules:

  • Artificial flowers are not allowed. This is a bad form, since such compositions are associated with cheapness, falsehood and a mourning wreath.
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  • If this is a bouquet of roses, then the thorns should be cut off the stems.
  • Some plants have large amounts of pollen. She can get on the skin or outfit, and ruin the lady's holiday. This is especially true for some types of lilies.
  • Before choosing a bouquet, it is advisable to ask the hero of the occasion if she has allergies. This will avoid aggravation.
  • Bouquets that exude fragrance can cause severe headaches, dizziness, and even nausea. These are some types of lilies, lilies of the valley, bird cherry. Compositions with these types of plants should be avoided.

How to properly present flowers in a pot

This option is offered to both women and men. In some situations, it is preferable, since such flowers retain their freshness and attractive appearance much longer than cut ones.

  • Non-flowering plants attract with beautiful colors and leaf shape. Most often, alocasia, monstera, dieffenbachia and others are chosen. But it is worth considering that these plants contain strong toxins. They should not be kept in a home with small children.
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  • Orchids in a pot are most often presented to women. They are picky and can bloom for up to several months. You can also give blooming begonia, gerbera, gardenia.
  • Cyclamen, saintpaulia or primrose can be a wonderful gift for no particular reason. Such plants are most often given to a sister, mother or grandmother.

Before handing over the plant, it is worth, if possible, transplanting it from a temporary transport pot into a beautiful planter. It is also desirable to provide the future owner with care instructions. This is especially true for exotic and capricious plants, such as citrus fruits. Yes, and it would be nice to know if the recipient needs such a flower at all, and whether he wants to mess with it in the future.

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A bouquet of one or more flowers will definitely not be superfluous. It is a great way to express your feelings, ask for forgiveness or congratulate a loved one on a significant event. Flowers can be given just like that, for no particular reason. Such a gift will demonstrate care and tender feelings better than any words.

As an enthusiast with a profound understanding of floral etiquette and a penchant for the intricate details of presenting flowers, I can assure you that the article you've shared covers a comprehensive range of topics related to giving and receiving flowers. The advice provided is not just a mere compilation of general ideas; it reflects a nuanced understanding of the cultural and social nuances associated with gifting flowers. Let's delve into the concepts covered:

  1. Presenting Flowers:

    • The timing of presenting the bouquet after delivering a congratulatory speech.
    • Holding the flowers in the left hand, with exceptions for voluminous compositions.
    • Specific guidelines for presenting flowers to the hostess or a couple.
    • Importance of giving attention and time when presenting flowers.
    • Handling bouquets for young girls and their mothers.
    • Considerations for anonymous flower delivery and the inclusion of business cards or postcards.
    • Packaging for protection in public places or during winter.
  2. Accepting Flowers:

    • Expressing gratitude when receiving a bouquet.
    • Placing the flowers in a vase, especially if delivered by a special service.
    • Thanking the donor for the gift, even if not done in person.
  3. Presenting Flowers to Loved Ones:

    • Creative ways to present flowers to a beloved woman, emphasizing the importance of sincerity.
    • Symbolic meanings of flower colors and combinations for older women, girlfriends, wives, and mothers.
    • Differentiating the significance of burgundy or bright red flowers in romantic relationships.
  4. Creating Bouquets for Different Occasions:

    • Guidelines for the quantity of flowers in a bouquet and their symbolic meanings.
    • Importance of considering the color of petals for conveying specific emotions.
    • Avoiding specific flowers for certain occasions, such as field, forest, or meadow flowers for celebrations.
    • Cautioning against poisonous flowers and those that do not combine well in arrangements.
  5. Presenting Flowers to Men:

    • Etiquette rules for presenting flowers to men, especially in the presence of wives.
    • Suitable flower choices for men and the preference for saturated colors.
    • Options for presenting a single flower or a potted plant.
  6. Business Bouquets:

    • Selecting bright and voluminous flowers for office decoration.
    • Using exotic plant species for creating business bouquets.
    • Incorporating geometric solutions in bouquets for business partners.
  7. Flowers to Avoid Giving:

    • Cultural considerations for avoiding certain flowers, such as dried flowers, violets, and bindweeds.
    • Symbolic meanings associated with flowers in different cultures, like white chrysanthemums.
  8. Considerations When Choosing Plants:

    • Following traditional rules for an odd number of flowers.
    • Avoiding artificial flowers and cutting thorns from rose stems.
    • Checking for allergies and avoiding fragrant flowers that may cause discomfort.
  9. Presenting Flowers in a Pot:

    • Preference for non-flowering plants in pots for longer freshness.
    • Considering toxicity of certain plants, especially around children.
    • Choosing specific plants like orchids, begonias, gerberas, and providing care instructions.

In essence, the article not only guides readers on how to give and receive flowers but also delves into the intricate details of floral etiquette, cultural symbolism, and thoughtful considerations for different occasions and recipients. It's a testament to the author's expertise in the art of gifting flowers.

How to give flowers correctly: the basic rules of floral etiquette (2024)
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