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It’s that time of year again. Just in time to save us from the February doldrums, here comes the Super Bowl! There has been a Super Bowl game every year since 1967—making this year’s big showdown the 56th (LVI for those who prefer those tricky Roman numerals). The game is scheduled to take place at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California on Sunday, February 13th.

If you’re planning on throwing a Super Bowl party (and, really, who isn’t?), we have a few tips to help you impress your guests and make your life easier.

Ready? Let’s huddle up!

Decor: Because the right atmosphere makes a big difference

Go for the Green

A Super Bowl party is probably the only time that you can get away with using artificial grass as a staple of your decor. You can use this versatile material as a table runner, an area rug, or even to make coasters. And you can give it that stadium feel by using white paint or tape to decorate it like the yard markings on the field.

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Make a Big Impact with Small Touches

They may seem cliche, but that’s only because they work. Balloons (either in team colors or maybe black and white to coordinate with the ref uniforms) are an inexpensive way to add color and pizazz to your room. You can tie helium ones to chairs and doorknobs, or hang non-helium ones from the ceiling. Other fun ceiling accents include football-shaped paper lanterns or good, old-fashioned streamers. If there are kids at your party, they might enjoy making tissue paper pom poms or confetti cannons.

Create Space for Everyone

The game may be the reason for your get together, but that doesn’t mean everyone will be glued to the screen the entire time. In addition to having comfortable seating set up around the TV, think about having a couple other areas where people can sit to chat and eat. If you have kids in attendance, you’ll definitely want a dedicated space for them, maybe with another TV so they can watch movies.

Guard Against Drips and Spills

Things can get pretty rowdy when the game gets exciting. Consider protecting your furniture with some themed throws, or maybe putting Kraft paper down on your coffee table and other food serving areas.

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Make the Perfect Photo-op Spot

Your friends will want to commemorate the great time they’re having with some photos. It’s easy and fairly inexpensive to set up a fun backdrop using football-themed banners, streamers, and DIY or store-bought posters. You can even find ready-made photo booth props like this one from LOLstar.

Games: Because you need something to do between plays

Football Trivia

Prove who’s really a football genius with a full-contact game of football trivia. Get started with questions from Parade, CBS Sports, or Country Living. There are tons of questions about stats and records, but also some fun facts like the fact that it costs about $5 million dollars to make up each set of gem-encrusted Super Bowl rings. That’s a lot of bling!

Commercials Bingo & Rating Cards

For some of us, it’s less about the game and more about the wacky world of Super Bowl ads. This year, brands are paying up to $6.5 million for a 30-second slot! (And that doesn’t even include the production of the ad.) Download a free printable bingo card from Just a Girl and Her Blog, or make your own. And for added fun, make up some Olympics-style rating paddles so your guests can vote in real time on which ads are winners.

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Super Bowl Pool

Even if you’ve never bet on a game before, it’s easy to set up your own Super Bowl squares so you and your guests can engage in some fun wagers. If you need a refresher, check out this tutorial. This is a fun, no-skill-needed way to make the game a little more interesting (even for people who aren’t that into sports).

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Food: Because—besides football—that’s what a Super Bowl party is really about

Here at ezCater, we’re obviously all about what’s on the menu. Luckily, we have so many catering options to choose from—there’s literally something to satisfy every craving and preference. The hard part is deciding what to order!

Pile on the Appetizers

It’s best to start your Super Bowl party well in advance of the game. Your guests should arrive at least two hours, though some people opt to start with a brunch that segues into the actual game-time event. In either case, it’s a good idea to go heavy on the appetizers since that’s such a staple of the Super Bowl party scene. Chips and dip, pigs in blankets, sliders, nachos, wings … all of these are great choices to get things started.

Pick Your Favorite Party Food

A Super Bowl party is a great excuse to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures. For some, this means hearty and flavorful sandwiches, like the ones from Subway. Other classic favorites include pizza (thin crust, thick crust, traditional toppings, or off-the-wall toppings), BBQ (sweet or spicy, sauce or rubs, pork, chicken, or beef … oh, my!), and Mexican (nachos, tacos, burritos, and don’t forget the guacamole!). You can stick with one theme, mix and match, or go for something completely unexpected like Italian or Indian.

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Be Creative with Your Beverages

Just like the mint julep is the patron drink of the Kentucky Derby, beer is kind of the go-to libation for football. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you can serve. Depending on the kind of food you’re serving, you might also offer a Super Bowl punch or iced tea. A margarita or Bloody Mary can be an enticing choice. Or maybe something more seasonal like a mulled cider or a hot toddy. And, of course, you’ll also want to have plenty of non-alcoholic choices as well.

Primary Mission: Have Fun!

At the end of the day, the true purpose of a Super Bowl party is to get together with friends and family to enjoy a day of good-hearted camaraderie and competition. Whether you’re all rooting for the same team or rivals, the main thing is to enjoy spending the day together.

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And when the game is over and it’s time to head out, send your guests home with some leftovers to enjoy as a midnight snack. (Pro tip: Pick up some inexpensive takeaway containers ahead of time.) And—of course—make sure everyone has a safe way to get home.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll have so much fun on game day that you’ll decide to call in sick on Monday and host a post-party brunch!

To get your planning started on the right foot, check out all the catering options near you at

Happy Super Bowl! We hope your team wins.

How to throw an epic Super Bowl party - Lunch Rush (2024)
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