North Fort Cavazos Unit Ministry Team hosts Super Bowl watch event (2024)


Chaplain (Capt.) Ronald Powers II, and Sgt. Trevor Rhodes, religious affairs NCO, 646th Regional Support Group, Mobilization Support Brigade, unit ministry team have hosted multiple Soldier focused events after mobilizing to Fort Cavazos in early October 2023.

Most recently, they partnered with leaders from the North Fort Cavazos Dining Facility (DFAC), North Post Ministries, H-E-B, Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), Red Bull, Hunt Brothers Pizza, 120th Infantry Brigade, Mobilization and Deployment Center (MDOC), and the Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR), to host a watch event for mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers on Super Bowl Sunday, at North Fort Cavazos, Texas, Feb. 11, 2024.

Powers said that the Mobilization Support Brigade’s commander, Col. Robert Hegland, intent is to provide outstanding customer service to demobilizing and mobilizing Soldiers.

“Customer service is our commander’s philosophy,” said Powers. “He wants Soldiers to have a memorable experience mobilizing and demobilizing, as such, we are intentional about making their stay great at the Great Place.”

Last year, the unit ministry team from the 561st Regional Support Group, hosted the Super Bowl watch event at North Fort Cavazos. The 561st RSG, an U.S. Army Reserve unit headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, mobilized at Fort Cavazos as the Mobilization Support Brigade from 2022 to 2023.

“The MSB did it last year and it was all run thru MSB,” Powers said. “The chaplain team merely coordinated and orchestrated, and the volunteer assignments were tasked out.”

“Last year’s MSB chaplain team were not required to be as hands on as Sgt. Rhodes and me,” continued Powers. “They basically provided input, attended meetings, and helped problem solve.”

With over 700 Soldiers in attendance, the Super Bowl watch event was a success. Attendees were able to participate in a variety of activities, including Cornhole, football skills events, watch the game on a 2-story screen, donated by the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area, and had an ample selection of food, snacks, and beverages.

“Many Soldiers stopped and thanked us as we grilled hotdogs and hamburgers and afterwards,” said Powers. “When I gave public service announcements about locations of restrooms, smoke areas at half time, we got a roaring ovation as I finished speaking.”

Powers said the overall success is the direct result of leaders and volunteers who participated in the planning and execution phases.

“Ralph Pitts is the manager of the North Fort Cavazos Dining Facility and ensured we had ana plenitude of food items. Pamela Hunter with AAFES provided prizes for Cornhole competitions, popcorn, Red Bull, Hunt Bros. Pizza. Her team really came through big.”

Powers continued, “Diana Fincher of North Post Ministry works with a coalition of churches to support the North Post Chapel. She provided so many desserts and snacks and provided the grill with charcoal and lighter fluid. She participates in most any big functions we do in one way or another, dropping off the stuff, asking for no credit, and blessing us and Soldiers. She worked with H.E.B. to ensure Soldiers had pop and such.”

Fincher said the North Post Ministry has supported the North Fort Cavazos Super Bowl viewing event for multiple years.

“Our local North Post Ministry has historically supported the North Fort Cavazos annual Super Bowl parties for over a decade, and we are dedicated to that continuance as needed,” said Fincher.

“In our immense appreciation for the enormous sacrifices made by mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers, our “Cookie Commandos” of the various partnerships answered the call, yet again, to provide sweet and savory game snacks for our Soldiers during that brief reprieve from their extensive and intensive training loads," Fincher said.

Fincher also recognized how mobilizations and deployments can take a toll on Soldiers and their families.

“As a community of former and current military citizen Soldiers and veterans, we know very well the toll it takes on them personally and their loved ones during the times of separation,” said Fincher. “Additionally, it is foremost on our minds that their families know that while here in Texas, on their way abroad into unknown dangers of forward combat support environments, their Soldiers are acknowledged, loved, and cared for.”

Having games and entertainment during the Super Bowl watch event provided Soldiers additional things options besides simply watching the game. The Cornhole games and football activity games sponsored by the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR).

“Mrs. Irmgard Hall of the MWR provided the three Cornhole games and a bunch of footballs and nets to throw them at,” Powers said. “She picked up all the stuff and dropped it off, and then took it off our hands. She was extremely helpful, and we simply had to place them in their respective spots for the five tournaments with eight teams.”

Pamela Hunter, Service Business Manager, AAFES, gave thanks and praise to the AAFES team members who helped.

“The AAFES team, including Carmelita “Lita” Patu, Assistant Services Business Manager, helped me organize with the meetings and door prizes and food. Jessica Hall, Exchange Retail Business Manager, helped get with vendors to bring in the pizza, beverages, and popcorn. Tiffany Franklin, North Fort Cavazos Express Manager, and team helped give out the items ready for Sunday Super Bowl,” said Hunter.

Hunter continued, “Working as a team to bring this together for our North Fort Cavazos Troops was amazing.”

Powers acknowledged and thanked his religious affairs NCO and was thankful to have a strong and competent NCO helped in all aspects of planning and the day of the watch event.

“Sgt. Rhodes was with me on everything. He simply takes initiative to get things done.” Powers said. He singlehandedly set up the audio and video and was integral on each and everything.”

Lastly, Powers reflected on how the success of the event was an overall team effort and the individuals from the Mobilization Support Brigade, 120th Infantry Brigade, and Mobilization and Deployment Center were imperative to the overall success of the viewing event.

“The DCO, Lt. Col. Peter Holloway, helped managed food and beverage allocations,” said Powers. “Maj. Derrick Bailey, current operations officer in charge, was an immense help. We also had volunteers from the 120th and MDOC, volunteered of their own free will out of the generosity of their heart. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Sheila Westfield, Sgt. Maj. Laura Schneider, Sgt. 1st Class Scott Stiff, Sgt. 1st Class Robert Flores, Staff Sgts. Leslie Corado and Ben Tilleman were tremendous and worked two or more shifts.”

North Fort Cavazos Unit Ministry Team hosts Super Bowl watch event (2024)
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