Old Ironman Talisman Cheat Sheet (2024)



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Old Ironman Talisman Cheat Sheet (1)oHoopa

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Sep 3, 2020
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  • Nov 2, 2022
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So Helpful! Could you tell me how to get my first coins on ironman?


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Old Ironman Talisman Cheat Sheet (3)Xmin_Terminator

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oHoopa said:

So Helpful! Could you tell me how to get my first coins on ironman?

Very easy first coins are spider relics if you can find somebody to protect you from dying.


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Old Ironman Talisman Cheat Sheet (5)fungimungimoo

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oHoopa said:

So Helpful! Could you tell me how to get my first coins on ironman?

spider relics or sand mining


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Old Ironman Talisman Cheat Sheet (7)Weegeefilms

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Xmin_Terminator said:

Ironman Talisman Cheat Sheet

Each section is organized in vaguely the easiest order of talisman acquisition.

Campfire Initiate Badge (Obtained by completing the first tier of the Trials of Fire in the park. The next couple of tiers are cheap and easy to get in early game.)
Shiny Yellow Rock (Part of the Romero and Juliette quest, the first several tiers of the Ring of Love are free or incredibly cheap.)
Cat Talisman (Obtained by completing several of the dungeon hub races, the first tier of this talisman is easy to get.)
King Talisman (Obtained by talking to every king in the dwarven mines while they hold the throne, this talisman only requires occasional attention to the time in order to get.)
Pig’s Foot (Obtained by beating Guber in a race on the End Island. This talisman is relatively easy to get, though it may require an AotE or several hundred speed.)
Wolf Paw (Obtained by beating Gustave in a race in the Park Island. Same reqs as above.)
Frozen Chicken (Slightly ping based, some people may have problems getting this talisman. Obtained by completing the chicken race on Jerry’s Island.)
Melody’s Hair (Obtained by completing several songs of progressively harder difficulties on Melody’s harp in the park lobby, this talisman is largely dependent on ping and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to half a dozen hours.)

Zombie Talisman (500 coins)
Skeleton Talisman (500 coins)
Village Affinity Talisman (2,500 coins)
Mine Affinity Talisman (2,500 coins)
Intimidation Talisman (10,000 coins)
Scavenger Talisman (10,000 coins)
Talisman of Coins (Emerald II)
Magnetic Talisman (Emerald III)
Emerald Ring (Emerald V)
Farming Talisman (Wheat IV)
Feather Talisman/Ring (Feather IV/VII)
Gravity Talisman (Obsidian III)
Sea Creature Talisman (Sponge IV)
Piggy Bank (Raw Porkchop V)
Farmer Orb (Pumpkin VI)
Red Claw Talisman (Craftable at Sven 1.)
Potion Affinity Talisman/Ring/Artifact (Nether Wart III/VII/IX)
Wood Affinity Talisman (Oak Wood VIII)
Healing Talisman/Ring (Lily Pad III/VIII)
Haste Ring (Cobblestone IX and 4 stacks of enchanted cobblestone.)
Speed Talisman/Ring (Sugar Cane II/V)
Night Vision Charm (Mushroom VII)
Talisman/Ring of Power (Gemstone IV/VI)
Personal Deletor 4000 (Iron Ingot IX. Is slightly expensive to upgrade, but the highest tier is one of the easiest to get legendary talismans.)
New Year Cake Bag (250k from Baker NPC.)
Experience Artifact (Lapis Lazuli IX and 9 enchanted lapiz blocks.)
Titanium Talisman/Ring (2+6 Refined Titanium)
Personal Compactor 4000 (Redstone IX. It quickly becomes quite expensive to upgrade.)
Scarf’s Thesis (Collection reward for 50 f2 runs.)
Fire Talisman (Blaze Rod V)
Night Crystal (Nether Quartz VII)
Day Crystal (Nether Quartz VIII)
Lava Talisman (Magma Cream VII)

Vaccine Talisman (Potato III. Crafted with 9 poisonous potatoes, which are a 2% drop from hub zombies.)
Spider Talisman (Guaranteed drop from Broodmother. You can use this timer https://hypixel.inventivetalent.org/skyblock-broodmother-timer/ to know approximately when the Broodmother is at the top of the nest.)
Fish Affinity Talisman (Relatively common drop from Hydras.)
Wolf Talisman/Ring (1/1k drop from old wolves and the upgrade is 0.089% from Soul of the Alpha.)
Scarf’s Study (f2 chest drop.)
Treasure Talisman (~1/400 drop from secret chests in f4 and above.)
Difficult Non-RNG (Late Collection Talisman Upgrades and Dark(er) Auctions)

Red Claw Ring (Craftable at Sven 5.)
Hunter Talisman (Craftable at Sven 5.)
Speed Artifact (Sugar Cane VIII and 48 Enchanted Sugar Cane.)
Devour Ring (Requires Revenant Slayer 5 and 39 viscera.)
Survivor Cube (Tarantula Slayer LVL 7)
Titanium Artifact/Relic (12+20 Refined Titanium)
Artifact of Power (Gemstone X and 32 Gemstone Mixtures)
Wither Artifact (~50m at DA)
Ender Artifact (~80m at DA)
Nether Artifact (~35m at DA)
Shady Ring-Seal of the Family (Requires 5-10-15 purchases from the DA)
Bait Ring/Spiked Atrocity (Ink Sack VIII and 4.5+2 stacks of Enchanted Ink Sacks)
Hegemony (~300m at Darker Auctions.)

Tarantula Talisman (Obtained from Tarantula Slayer.)
Scarf’s Grimoire (Requires 16 Scarf’s Studies.)
Treasure Ring (Crafted from 8 Treasure Talismans.)
Red Claw Artifact (Requires Red Claw Egg and Red Claw Ring.)
Blaze Talisman (8 Millenial Aged Blaze ashes and 8 enchanted blaze rods.)
Pulse Ring (4 stacks of ~~~~)
Hunter Ring (Requires Grizzly Bait and Hunter Talisman.)
Pocket Espresso Machine (0.39% drop from T4 Voidglooms.)
Handy Blood Chalice (0.18% drop from T4 Voidglooms)
Wither Relic (Requires Wither Artifact and 8 Wither Catalysts)
Catacombs Expert Ring (Requires 24 Wither Catalysts)
Master Skull Tier 1-3 (Rare drop from Master mode chests. Each tier requires 4 of the previous tier to craft, and higher tiers are obtainable from higher floors.)
Reaper Orb (Requires 8 Scythe Blades.)
Auto Recombobulator (Rare drop from f7.)
Treasure Artifact (Crafted from 9 Treasure Rings.)
Master Skull Tier 4-6
Ender Relic (Requires Ender Artifact and Exceedingly Rare Ender Artifact Upgrader, which is a 0.03% drop from T4 Voidglooms.)
Master Skull Tier 7

Lucky Hoof (Obtained from Spooky Festival at fishing 14+.)
Bat Ring/Artifact (64 Green/Purple Candy and the previous tier.)
Candy Ring/Artifact/Relic (64 Green + 32+1024 Purple Candy)
Intimidation Ring/Artifact (Requires Intimidation Talisman + 100 Green + 100 Purple Candy.)
Eternal Hoof (Requires Lucky Hoof and 8 soul fragments, which are obtainable at fishing 26.)
Bat Person Talisman/Ring/Artifact (Obtained from Spooky Festival and upgradable with .5+2 stacks of Ectoplasm.)
Mineral Talisman (Requires 9 minerals, which are only obtainable during mining fiestas.)
Shark Tooth Necklace (Obtainable during Fishing Festivals. Requires fishing 5 for lowest tier and 24 for highest.)
Beastmasters Crest (Only obtainable during Mythological Ritual. Requires a griffin pet.)
Jerry Talisman-Artifact (Only obtainable during Jerry Mayor.)
BINGO Talisman/Ring (Requires your life.)

Crab Hat of Celebration (Unattainable)
Crab Hat of Celebration 2022 (Unattainable)
Dante Talisman (Unattainable)
Potato Talisman (Possibly attainable at future events.)

This is a copy of the sheet in the IMS discord

Definitely bookmarking this.
Very useful!

Old Ironman Talisman Cheat Sheet (2024)
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