Rainbow Potato Roast Recipe (2024)

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Anne H

I chopped up the garlic after rubbing it in the pan and added 2 tablespoons of whole grain mustard to the olive oil instead of using sage. Roasted as instructed. Delicious!


Easy and always a favorite. I particularly like the addition of a peeled sweet potato. I have also added sliced onions to the mixture. Parchment in the pan makes clean-up easy.

Ellen Fuss

This was simple. beautiful and delicious. Seek out the best potatoes and use a variety for the best taste and presentation. A perfect addition to the holiday table. Agree that they are best just out of the oven but reheating does actually work.

Jim Dryfoos

Cooking this on parchment as suggested was great. Didn't stick and cleanup was easy.


I use a slightly different technique for coating the potatoes that gives a nice crispy surface with soft center after baking.I heat a couple of tablespoons of garlic-infused olive oil and toss a pat of ghee (clarified butter) in with it. The warm oil mixture is poured over the cut potatoes and mixed.If I have fresh sage, that would be great but if not, dried Herbes de Provence works well, or anything similar.I use parchment paper in the baking dish and do not add olive oil at the end.

Tim King

This is a great and dependable recipe: easy and basic but one I've returned to several times and never with regret. Perfect every time and a real nice presentation as well. I use the parchment paper on a rimmed baking pan and it works very well. The parmesan adds a nice touch; you can easily substitute Asiago or Gruyere if you have either around.

Theresa SF Bay Area

Works in a 450 oven as well (shorter time, so watch them), which I needed for Mark Bittman's chicken and fennel recipe. Easy and delicious.


Simply delicious. these potatoes cooked faster than I expected, but then again, I did not use a ruler when cutting the potatoes and quite likely my pieces were smaller than one inch. Instead of sage I used fresh thyme, and plenty of pepper. I lightly sprinkled parmesan on towards the end and it was ready to eat in another 7 minutes. The closest thing I have had to these potatoes are some I cooked while camping years ago. You just keep eating them even though you know you're already full.


Used yukon gold and red russet potatoes. Did not peel. Peel added crisp to the finished potatoes. Used thyme instead of sage. Really good. Although I will try sage next time, my guess is that thyme is better. For the last 10 minutes increased oven temp 25 degrees. Gave a nice crispness but not over cooked. Served with Roasted Haddock with Lemons, Olives and Rosemary. Also would be good with steak.

Margy Trumbull

I had only a couple small sweet potatos and a3 medium russets so I added a large yellow onion to the mix. It was delicious. no sage or garlic but I would add sliced garlic the next time.


I use herbs de provence (a lot of it) along with the garlic, pepper and kosher salt--and sometimes use the frozen garlic cubes, which thaw quickly, and mix everything in a bowl. I always line a sheet pan or two with parchment and bake between 400 - 450 depending on what else may be in the oven. Don't crowd the pan (that's why there may be two) Usually, I will turn on the convection feature midway through.

Cream Cheese

These were lovely, super easy. Added two garlic cloves to the roasting pan. Forgot to add the extra oil and Parmesan.

Jillian H

Tasty! I had some extra potatoes & made these alongside some carrots and couscous. Simple recipe to add to anything!


Made on 12/25/22. Set oven at 415 convection (for salmon). Seemed fine.


Easy, colorful and delicious! Used garlic olive oil in place of the garlic cloves for an even easier prep.


Dried sage and fresh parsley at end.

Craig Burdick

I knew better and still went along with the recipe. Sweet potatoes should not have been added to the others. Leave them out and you will be rewarded with roasted potatoes that are nicely browned and crusty.


Best potatoes ever.


Use whole grain mustard and EVOO and salt and pepper and smashed garlic cloves.


This was an excellent recipe! The variety of taste in the potatoes was wonderful indeed. Thanks to a previous comment, I used 1 Tbsp. of melted butter and 2 Tbsp. of garlic-infused olive oil with 2 tsp. of Herbes de Provence added to toss with the potatoes. Used parchment paper for easy cleanup. Thanks Ms. Shulman & helpful commenters!


I've made a variation on this for our holiday table for years - I use a generous amount of rosemary instead of sage and add slices of red onion and red and green pepper. It never fails to please a crowd!

Mike Pat

Ammazing. Cooked with rosemary wrapped on it. I took it out at 118, next time I will take it out at 115.


I’m not usually a fan of potatoes but these are delicious, tender and crispy. I did not add the olive oil at the end and substituted truffle salt for the regular salt.

Dana B

I doubled the garlic and added red pepper flakes for a kick.

Mary Ann

Super easy and delicious. I used a variety of colorful potatoes but didn't have sweet potatoes. Next time I'll include those. I liked the addition of the parmesan and sage. Yum.


Delicious but I could not perceive the sage—and I used more than the recipe suggested, plus had just picked it so it was extremely fresh. Any suggestions?

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Rainbow Potato Roast Recipe (2024)
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