Roasted Portobellos With Pesto Recipe (2024)

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Delicious, easy and fast. Next time I'll throw them under the broiler at the last minute with parmesan cheese to give them a crunchy topping.


A great modification is to sautée half a diced onion with 2 cloves of minced garlic, then add to 1 cup farro cooked. Add fresh spinach and chopped sundried tomatoes and the pesto to this and use this as the stuffing for the mushrooms. Remember to add salt and fresh pepper to taste. Roast mushrooms for 10 minutes before adding farro filling.


Made these for dinner tonight, they were wonderful! I added a bit of goat cheese mixed in with the pesto filling. Simple yet delicious, I'll be making them again.


We love this recipe at my house. The one thing I would recommend is making sure you buy smaller portabellos rather than the biggest ones they have at the store. The big ones are usually more floppy and are harder to make into cups. Also heading the warning about throwing off the liquid is very important. This dish gets too watery very quickly if you're not careful.
For my non vegetarian friends, I recommend adding a little sausage (something sweet and peppery like an italian) to the center.


The gills and the liquid from the roasting mushrooms go right into the zip lock freezer bag with vegetable odds and ends. It should make a fine stock.

Claire L.

Only could find giant portobellos. I followed along with the commenters and made some rice first, mixed in a healthy dose of pesto, with additional minced garlic; glommed that mixture onto the overturned mushrooms, and baked them for a long time. Delicious. My vegan friend approved 5/5 stars.


The preamble says to bake the portobellos gill side down, but the recipe says rounded side down. I chose to pay attention to the preamble for the first bake, and the recipe for the second, since that seemed to make more sense.

d LF

This was not 5 stars

Carol S.

So easy and delicious!


Delicious and fast! I served this with a cucumber/tomato salad and home made pita. Great quick summer dinner. I used the pesto recipe indicated in the recipe.

Stacey H

I made this the other night...Delish! I added some left over basmati rice to the mixture along with about 1/4 cup of chopped sundried tomatoes. And of course, the final squeeze of lemon. As a follower of a WFPB diet, I didn't use traditional pesto, but made my own using vegan cheeses. I also put some shredded "fake" mozzeralla on the bottom of the caps, then added the pesto mix and topped with seasoned bread crumbs. YUMMY. Will make again!


20 minutes not enough..still a bit tough… maybe 30 ?


Delicious. I’ll be making this again. I mixed the pesto w/ Israeli couscous. Added panko crumb, parm, olive oil mixture to top at the end and briefly put under the broiler for crunch.

Name hp

Made this tonight and it was a great success. Just my wife and I so we had two portobellos and I had some frozen Pesto made according to the recipe below and frozen flat in a small freezer bag without the garlic and Pine Nuts. I broke off probably 2 TBSP of the frozen Pesto, added 2 oz. smashed frozen peas, and ounce of toasted Pine Nuts, a minced small garlic clove and an oz. of fresh Parmesan. I cooked the oiled portobellos on the BBQ gills down and then turned them over, added the pesto.


Followed the directions exactly and served them in toasted hamburger buns. Delicious. Will definitely make again. Perfect for an easy & fast dinner.

Food Lover

An easy and delicious do-ahead appetizer. While the mushrooms are baking, finely chop up the stems and add them to the pesto. Stuff the mushrooms with the pesto mixture and top with grated Gruyère. You can leave them at this point and then put them in the oven for a few minutes right before you’re ready to serve them. YUMMY!!


Like many others, I mixed the pesto with some shredded asiago and Parm to fill the mushroom caps. Delicious and filling!

dede moreno

Love this recipe. I’ve added it to me basic meals. I did put a bit on panko in the pesto to firm it up. But, why fool with the simplicity of this by adding more. A good appetizer if use cremini mushrooms.


Easy, delicious

dede moreno

Very easy to prep in advance.I agree with other reviews that breadcrumbs would be a tasty addition. Yet, they are perfectly fine the way they are.


This is a delicious way to use portobello mushrooms. I had large mushrooms so the times in the recipe were accurate. After the first roast, I drizzled some balsamic on the mushrooms. I added some ricotta to the pesto, put cooked quinoa on next then a sprinkling of Parmesan for second time in the oven. Then under the broiler for a minute. Wonderful dinner with a caprese salad on the side.

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Roasted Portobellos With Pesto Recipe (2024)
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