The Most Beautiful Things To Do With Roses Before They Die (2024)

I get so sad at this time of year when all the gardens start to wilt, including those beautiful roses!

So, what exactly ARE the best things to do with roses before they die? One of the best things you can do with roses before they die is to press the petals. Roses have petals that are perfect for pressing, as the petals are already almost flat in shape – petals from shrub roses press the best, but you can use almost any type of rose petal, including those from a bouquet.

Once they are pressed, the petals can be used in crafts such as making paper goods such as cards, and stationary, homewares such as wall art and coasters for your table, and they are also good for making natural cosmetics such as rose water, as the petals can retain the rose scent for 2-3 weeks when combined with other ingredients.

Table of Contents

The best things to do with roses before they die

  1. Press your rose petals
  2. Create beautiful cards and paper goods from your pressed petals
  3. Decorate a mason jar
  4. Make rose water
  5. Grow a brand new rose from a cutting
  6. Create a coaster for your table

Crafty things to do with roses before they die: Create a picture out of pressed petals

This one is just so lovely and simple, yet a wonderful way to keep the petals as a forever reminder – especially if the bouquet was of a memorable occasion. Just one of the great things to do with roses before they die!

You will need:

  • a heavier book you don’t mind staining (phone book, coffee table book…)
  • picked rose petals
  • picture frame with or without glass
  • sturdy piece of paper
  • epoxy resin
  • a brush
  • glue gun

The process:

  1. Place your rose petals at a distance from each other on pages of a heavy book. Make sure they’re not overlapping. This is a dehydration process that will ensure longevity and help you preserve rose petals. Once safely in the book, close it up and add some additional heavy books on top to apply pressure. Older books are better, as they are efficient at trapping any leftover moisture between its coarse pages.
  2. After about 2 to 3 days have passed. take out the rose petals and carefully place them on a flat surface.
  3. Pick out a sturdy piece of paper (color is up to you!). Make sure it fits into the picture frame of your choice and isn’t too thick, while at the same time being able to withstand some arts and crafts. Depending on your choice of the picture frame, it might already have such a paper inside.
  4. Lightly trace a heart shape in the middle of the paper. Make it as big or as small as you want. If you are feeling especially crafty, bust out some colorful pens and write some beautiful and inspiring messages around.
  5. Add a small blob of glue and gently stick down the rose petals inside the heart shape. Make sure to overlap the petals to create a nice effect and help it to adhere better to the shape.
  6. Let dry and set. If your picture frame has no glass, give the rose heart a gentle brush with a layer of epoxy resin to make it last a long, long time. If your picture frame does have glass, put it in and hang the frame on your wall.

Cute things to do with roses before they die: Rose Petal Mason Jar Decor

This one is quite simple, perhaps the simplest when it comes to things to do with roses before they die. Pick off any petals, flower heads and rose hips that look worthy of preserving. Pile them in a mason jar until it is full and close the lid. …and you’re done! Since no air comes inside of the mason jar, they will not wilt, and can stand on any shelf for a touch of dry flower magic. For added effect, layer different kind of dried petals and flowers, maybe even adding lavender for freshness at the very top. If you want to be extra sure your decor will last, you can pour in some epoxy resin (the holy grail of arts and crafts).

Rose Petal Bookmarks

Another simple one, great for the lot of you who still thrive on reading paper novels over Kindle.

You will need:

  • wide scotch tape
  • pressed rose petals
  • old heavy book
  • hole puncher
  • ribbon

The process:

  1. Press the rose petals in an old book in the way I described above.
  2. After 2 to 3 days, pull the petals out and lay out on a flat surface.
  3. Cut off equal strips of clear scotch tape. Make sure it is your desired length.
  4. Gently place petals on the sticky side of one piece of clear scotch tape. When you are done with making it look the way you want to, gently place the other scotch tape sticky side down onto the petals. Keep adding scotch tape carefully on either side until it feels sturdy enough. Cut down any jagged edges and press in a book again to have them glue down flat and uniform.
  5. Puncture a hole on the top of a bookmark and add a nice ribbon on your choice to make it easy to find.

Rose Petal Coaster

This is a quick and easy way to make a cute little coaster to serve as a coffee table centerpiece.

You will need:

  • two pieces of heavy glass, size depending on your preference (I used 30 cm by 30 cm plexiglass)
  • pressed rose petals
  • old book

The process:

  1. Dry your rose petals between the pages of an old book as I described in the above DIY recipes.
  2. After 2 to 3 days, take them out and lay them out on a flat surface.
  3. Position one plexiglass on a surface where you wish your coaster to be displayed – ideally in the middle of a coffee table to serve as a candle coaster, or to hold coffee glasses, sweets or other trinkets.
  4. Lay out rose petals onto the glass in desired patterns.
  5. Lay down the other plexiglass directly on top of it to press in the flowers. And you’re done! Place a nice candle atop your new coaster and enjoy!

Greeting cards with a flowery touch

Ideal for sending beautiful, personalized congratulations, happy birthday, or thank you cards. Greeting cards are usually one of my favorite DIY projects, especially because of how versatile they are and how much creative leeway they allow.

You will need:

  • a plain white greeting card carton paper
  • pressed rose petals and leaves
  • epoxy resin
  • glue gun
  • a brush
  • (optional) ribbons, lettering, stamps, colored pens…go wild!

The process:

  1. Lay out your greeting card carton paper flat down on a surface. Plan out how you want it to look.
  2. Use a bit of glue from a glue gun to attach petals down onto the carton. Once it is set and dry, brush with epoxy resin to prevent from wilting and give shine.
  3. Add custom lettering depending on the occasion! Draw patters with colored pens or add stamps. Let your creativity lead the way.

Nice-smelling things to do with roses before they die: Potpourri

A big 90’s hit, we all had potpourri in our homes at this point or the other. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret – I still keep it in my bedroom! You also, might quite like the zesty, earthy smells of dried fragrant herbs. While you can buy packagings of potpourri in just about any other lifestyle shop, it is much easier to make your own out of wilting roses!

Take your wilting roses out to sunlight. Place them at a safe spot and allow them to sun-dry for a day or two. Alternatively, dry your roses out in an oven. Make sure to keep it at a low setting. Add slices of citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. Throw in some cinnamon sticks and apple slices as well to amp up the scent. Bake the tray until the roses are brittle, but not burned or charred.

Once cooled, put the mix into an open container of your choice and spray with your favorite essential oil. Lavender is good to use, as it is inconspicuous and light, complementing well with herbal mixtures.

Rose Petals as Art Supplies

Use your dried rose petals as impromptu art supplies. Fill out an entire page in your journal with rose petals or glue them to the cover for added loveliness! Stick them to window edges with soluble glue. The possibilities are endless, and rose petals are thankfully versatile enough to be given a rightful place in your DIY cabinet!

We hope you enjoyed another DIY post and that you are brimming with the creative juices! While in the DIY mood, why not head to this post, and make yourself some amazing and easy to prepare rose tea!

As a seasoned enthusiast with a deep understanding of horticulture and a passion for creative projects involving flowers, especially roses, I can share my expertise on preserving and repurposing roses before they wilt. Over the years, I have honed my skills in gardening, flower preservation, and various crafts involving dried flowers. My knowledge extends beyond mere theory; I have actively engaged in these activities, bringing to life various projects with roses.

Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the article:

  1. Pressing Rose Petals:

    • Pressing rose petals involves a simple dehydration process using a heavy book, ensuring longevity and preservation.
    • The choice of a suitable book, the duration of pressing, and the careful placement of petals are crucial steps in this process.
  2. Crafty Projects:

    • Creating pictures out of pressed petals involves additional materials such as a picture frame, sturdy paper, epoxy resin, and a glue gun.
    • The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to arrange pressed petals into a heart shape on paper, creating a beautiful and lasting memento.
  3. Decorative Items:

    • Rose Petal Mason Jar Decor is a straightforward project, preserving petals in a jar without wilting, creating a charming dry flower display.
    • Rose Petal Bookmarks involve using wide scotch tape, pressed rose petals, and a hole puncher to craft elegant bookmarks.
  4. Functional Crafts:

    • Rose Petal Coasters offer a quick and easy way to create a cute coaster for a coffee table using pressed rose petals and two pieces of heavy glass.
  5. Personalized Greeting Cards:

    • Greeting cards with a flowery touch require plain white greeting card carton paper, pressed rose petals, epoxy resin, and creative embellishments like ribbons, lettering, stamps, and colored pens.
  6. Potpourri:

    • Making potpourri from wilting roses involves sun-drying or oven-drying the roses, adding citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks, apple slices, and spraying with essential oil for a personalized, aromatic blend.
  7. Artistic Expression:

    • Using dried rose petals as art supplies allows for various creative expressions, such as filling a journal page, decorating a cover, or sticking them to window edges.

By combining my theoretical knowledge with practical experience, I can attest to the effectiveness and joy that comes from engaging in these creative endeavors with roses, turning a seemingly melancholic moment into an opportunity for artistic expression and beauty.

The Most Beautiful Things To Do With Roses Before They Die (2024)
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