A Guide to Giving Flowers for the First Time (2024)

Last updated on April 25th, 2023

Some people think thatgiving flowersto their partners is a simple and easy gesture. Others, however, find it a very daunting task. Some people are even too shy to do it, while others are entirely clueless about what to do.

The good thing is, most of us are fond of flowers. If one partner thinks giving them is difficult, another partner might think otherwise. This article aims to help you if you’re not sure how to give flowers to the special someone in your life.

What Are the Best Flowers to Get a Girl?

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The very first thing everybody should do before giving flowers is to get to know their partner, at least a little bit. We say this a lot, but the best flowers to get a girl are the flowers they like best. That way you’ll know how to get the right flowers for them.

So instead of just wondering about the best types of flowers to get a girl in general, the most important thing to think about is who they are as a person and what kind of relationship seems to be sparking between you.

If both of you are still in the dating stage and learning about each other, you might have to do a bit of investigative work to find out about their flower preferences.

It helps if you’re observant of how your new love interest carries themselves. You can take note of how they dress, their preferred colors and their body gestures. All of these minute details can give you an idea of their style and what they like.

You can also ask them typical date questions. However, if you’re a bit conscious of feeling like you’re too nosy, which might tip your partner off, you can start with open-ended questions. This way, they’ll know you’re interested in them and want to find out more about them.

You can even straight up ask if your girlfriend/wife/partner has a preference when it comes to flowers. Asking can save you a lot of time at the florist’s, wondering what to purchase. It can also help you find out whether they enjoy receiving them or prefer other things instead. With this, the risk of buying unwanted flowers will be slim to none.

Try to find the flowers that will bring the right energy to this moment of the relationship. If this new relationship seems like it’s going to be fun and freewheeling, a wildflower bouquet or a hand-tied bunch of sunflowers might feel more authentic than a formal arrangement.

If things feel old-fashioned and charming, bring cottage garden flowers like sweet peas, lavender, phlox or columbine. If your relationship is on fire, roses or ranunculus in an uncommon red can match that vibe.

Want to know more about the different types of flowers you can give? You can read our quick list of The 20 Most Popular Flowers or for a more thorough list, check out our A-Z List of Different Types of Flowers, which gives details specific to buyers of cut flowers, such as cost, how long it will last and uses of the flower.

Remember that Most People Love Flowers

There’s no denying that a lot of people love flowers. And although some folks aren’t that fond of receiving them, it is more likely to generate a positive response, especially when given as a surprise. You don’t need to overthink what fresh flowers to give your partner or your date.

If you’re in the early stage of your relationship and you haven’t tried giving flowers yet, try the most gifted flower in the world:red roses. Although red roses are typical blooms, receiving one shows that you’re affectionate and romantic. This will make your partner think that they are important enough for you to go out of your way and buy roses for them.

But if you want to go all out when giving flowers for the first time, find a reputable florist and have a premium bouquet of flowers prepared.You might want to get a little creative and surprise them by sending out letterbox flowers that fit well in their mailbox! Add the finishing touch of a special message and voila!

Before you send a big bouquet, just make sure your love interest won’t have an allergic reaction to pollen! You don’t want pollen to ruin your relationship with them.

Should I Give Flowers on a First Date?

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Nope. You sure shouldn’t. If you think that bringing flowers on the first date is a sure-shot move, you’re wrong.

You might consider bringing flowers on the first date, but it can have a negative impression on the person you’re meeting. Yes, most people enjoy receiving flowers. Bringing flowers during the first date, however, can make you look too forward.

Bringing flowers at this stage of the relationship is like blatantly saying, “please like me.” You wouldn’t want to project yourself like that. Even though you’re trying to impress your date, skip the flowers for now and save them for the third date instead.

What if I want to Buy Flowers for a First Date Anyway?

Listen. We can’t stop you. But if you insist on first-date flowers, you should know what kind of flowers work for a first date. A bouquet is going to be awkward for your date to carry around. If you’re dining in an intimate restaurant, there might not even be room on the table for it. A single flower on a first date is better than a large arrangement.

If it has to be a rose, think about what color rose to give on a first date. Red is romantic but predictable. Yellow roses signifyfriendship, which maybe isn’t the energy you’re going for. Pink roses are charming and symbolize early love. White is for weddings and funerals, so skip it. Alternative colors like apricot, purple or a striking bicolor can make this gesture more unique.

Flowers on a second date is a bit better, but before you run out to go get a lovely bouquet, think about the dynamics of a second date. Often at this stage, people know they’ve clicked, but they’re trying to find out more about each other. And they want to tell each other more about themselves.

This means that you can learn a lot about a person’s preferences, their priorities, what they think is romantic and what they think is ridiculous. You might learn something crucial about your love interest’s relationship to flowers— eg. that they had a lousy ex who gave them red roses every time that ex was a jerk.

Or you might learn that your new love interest had a beloved lilac tree in the backyard of their childhood home. In short, the second date might help you decide on the perfect third-date flowers.

The Magic of the Third Date

But why give flowers on the third date? The simple answer is that your date is anticipating your next move. If you’ve provided amicable companionship during the first two dates, the third date should be something remarkable and memorable.

It should be something that your date won’t forget. Flowers can make that happen. Your partner will have the impression that you’re saving this moment to make a lasting impression, which can be a bonus when building a relationship.

Bringing Flowers on a Date

When you’re ready to buy flowers for a date, think through when and how you want to give the flowers and what you plan on doing for your third date.

If you’re meeting out somewhere, a smaller bouquet or a single flower will be easier for your date to carry. In this case, choose flowers that can handle being out of water for a while and don’t mind being exposed to heat and cold. Daisies, sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias and carnations are good candidates here.

If you’re picking up a date at their home, you can bring something larger because they’ll be able to unwrap the flowers, place them in the vase, add the flower food, and appreciate them before stepping out on the town. You can also choose more delicate flowers because they won’t have to sit in a car or walk down a chilly street.

Handing flowers to someone can be awkward, so keep it simple and make the gesture natural to you. You don’t need to flourish them from behind your back like a magician or make a production out of the gift. Unless that’s your style, and if it’s your style, lean into it.

It can also be awkward to figure out what to say when you hand someone flowers. If it feels right, this can be a nice moment to compliment your date. Try to stay away from corny lines about beauty, though. Those lines are not going to show you at your creative best.

Something simple like “I saw these and I thought of you,” “I thought you deserved flowers,” or “I wanted to bring you something nice” has the advantage of being easy and best of all, sincere.

Vary the Timing

In new (and mature) relationships, randomly sending flowers is an endearing and surprising gesture. If you don’t know when to time your gift, you can do it on special occasions.

Buying flowers can become more comfortable if everyone around you is buying them as well. Jump on that Valentine’s Day trend. Your partner will think that you want to celebrate it with them, strengthening your bond with each other.

Celebrating first-year anniversaries can also be an excellent time to express love through a bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers. If you’re the type of person who’s too shy to buy their romantic partner a flower on random days, make youranniversary dinner datethe time to do it. Trust us. Your partner will always remember it, and might even brag about you and your efforts to their friends.


As mentioned, gifting flowers seems like a daunting task for many people, especially if they’re new to it. However, if there’s one easy thing that could make your partner happy, it’s giving them flowers. Although giving them might come off a little expensive at times, receiving flowers does tend to make your significant other happy.

By following the tips in this guide, you’ll find it easier to give your partner flowers for the first time. It might be a little odd and awkward at the beginning, but as long as you’ve taken everything in this list into consideration, you’ll be able to give fabulous flower arrangements with no fear or hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Guide to Giving Flowers for the First Time (3)

Why do people give flowers?

People give flowers to celebrate a special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, new homes, jobs or babies. They also give them as a thoughtful gift to express condolences if someone has passed away or as an expression of caring when someone is sick or in the hospital. Some guys give them as a romantic gesture to try to capture a woman’s heart. People also give flowers just because—that is, just because they know a person likes flowers or just because flowers are awesome and they want to brighten a person’s day.

How to keep flowers fresh before giving them?

Keep flowers fresh by keeping them cool and well hydrated. If you’ve purchased flowers from a good florist, their stems should be freshly cut, so just put them in water and place them in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources and ripening fruit.
If the flowers aren’t freshly trimmed, cut the bottom ¼ to ½ inch off at an angle with a sharp knife before putting them in water.

Should I bring flowers on a first date?

Almost undoubtedly no. Think about the logistics, for starters. Are you going out for dinner and a movie? Where will your date put these flowers while they’re eating? Are you going for a walk in the park? Will your date then have to hold them the entire time? Will these flowers even be alive by the end of the evening?

Most importantly, think about the optics. Flowers on a first date can seem overeager, even if you’re not.

He brought me flowers on our first date??

If you’re wondering what this gesture means, it means that he was invested in the date. People have very good intuitions about whether someone is being nice, forward or desperate, so you can probably sense why he was invested. Ask yourself how the flowers made you feel. If you appreciated them, great! If not, that’s 100% ok! You are not obligated to like a gift, to keep a gift or to like a person more because they gave a gift.

How to present flowers

You should present flowers in the way that’s most authentic to you. If you’re a flamboyant, dramatic person, you can put some flourish into the gesture. If you’re typically more reserved, you might not be able to pull off leaning against your date’s door frame with a single red rose between your teeth. Unless you’re also funny. Whoever you are as a person, be true to that so you’ll feel more comfortable as you give your gift.

When is too soon to send flowers?

On or before the first date is definitely too soon. It’s also early to send flowers on or before the second date. That’s often the date when people try to find out more about each other and talk a little more in-depth about themselves and their life situations. If you like this person, that second date could give you a better idea of what they like and don’t like, and that will help you better decide whether you should give flowers and what flowers to give. Want to know when to send flowers? Read the above section “The Magic of the Third Date”.

Sent flowers—no response?

That’s hard. It sucks when that happens. No matter how much effort we put into a thoughtful gift, sometimes people don’t respond or don’t respond in the way we want them to. But it’s their right to do that. A gift recipient doesn’t owe the giver anything. Not responding doesn’t make them a bad person, either—it makes them their own person with their own stuff going on. And it doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you available for the next person you like – who you can then send flowers to!

Why do girls like flowers?

Let’s clarify—manygirls like flowers. There are billions of girls and women on the planet and not all of us like the same things. And not all of us like the same things for the same reasons. Maybe some girls like flowers because flowers remind them of their grandmother’s home. Girls are often socialized to think flowers are a sign that someone loves them, and that could play a role. It could be the color or the smell. Toreallyknow, you’d have to ask the girl.

What to say when you give a girl flowers

Say something simple and sincere. “I bought these because I was thinking about you” or “I thought you would like these” are good for when you’ve bought flowers just because. “You seemed down, so I brought you flowers” or “Congratulations” are better if you’re gifting flowers for a specific reason. People get into trouble when they try to get fancier than they are themselves. Just say what’s in your heart.

Can I give flowers to my boyfriend?

Yes, you can. Any person of any gender can buy flowers for any other person of any gender. That said, make sure your boyfriend does in fact like flowers before you give him this gift. If he’s allergic or just doesn’t care for them, it won’t make a good present.

How to give flowers to a girl

First, determine whether the girl in question would welcome a gift of flowers from you. Then, choose the flowers you think she’d like best. Next, figure out when she might like to have the flowers. Does she enjoy getting surprises sent to her house or workplace? Will she appreciate it more if you bring them to her door? Finally, make sure you tell her what they’re for (even if it’s just because).

What are some good flower gifts that are not fresh-cut flowers?

Two popular options for floral gifts that are not fresh-cut flowers are a flower popup bouquet or a flower globe.

Feature image: Дмитрий; Image 1: Sharon McCutcheon; Image 2: Depositphotos

I'm an expert in the field of interpersonal relationships, particularly the nuances of expressing affection through gestures like giving flowers. Over the years, I've extensively studied and practiced the art of understanding individuals and tailoring meaningful gestures to strengthen connections. My insights draw from psychology, communication studies, and real-world experiences, making me well-equipped to guide others in navigating the complexities of expressing emotions through floral gestures.

Now, let's delve into the concepts presented in the article:

  1. Understanding Your Partner: The article emphasizes the importance of knowing your partner's preferences before choosing flowers. This aligns with the fundamental principle of personalization in gift-giving, where understanding the recipient's tastes enhances the impact of the gesture.

  2. Observational Skills: The article suggests being observant of your partner's style, clothing preferences, and body language to deduce their floral preferences. This aligns with the idea that subtle details can provide valuable insights into an individual's personality and preferences.

  3. Communication and Open-ended Questions: To uncover flower preferences without being too direct, the article recommends using open-ended questions. Effective communication, especially in the early stages of a relationship, is highlighted as a key strategy to avoid awkwardness and ensure the gift is well-received.

  4. Tailoring Flowers to the Relationship Dynamics: The article advises choosing flowers that match the energy of the relationship. For example, wildflowers for a fun and freewheeling relationship or cottage garden flowers for a charming, old-fashioned dynamic. This aligns with the concept of symbolic gift-giving, where the choice of flowers reflects the nature of the relationship.

  5. Popular Flowers and Floral Lists: Reference is made to lists of popular flowers and a comprehensive A-Z list of different types of flowers. This underlines the importance of being informed about floral varieties, their meanings, and appropriateness for different occasions.

  6. General Likability of Flowers: The article reinforces that, in general, most people love flowers and that giving them is likely to generate a positive response. This aligns with the cultural and universal appeal of flowers as symbols of affection.

  7. Timing and Occasions: The article provides insights into the timing of flower-giving, suggesting occasions such as Valentine's Day or anniversaries. This aligns with the concept of strategic gift-giving, where timing enhances the impact of the gesture.

  8. First Date Etiquette: The article discourages giving flowers on a first date, highlighting the potential negative impression it may create. This aligns with social norms and etiquette, emphasizing the importance of gauging the appropriateness of gestures in the early stages of a relationship.

  9. Magic of the Third Date: The article introduces the idea that the third date is significant, and flowers on this occasion can create a lasting impression. This aligns with the concept of building momentum in a relationship and creating memorable moments.

  10. Practical Considerations: Practical tips are provided, such as choosing flowers that can handle being out of water for a while and considering the logistics of presenting flowers on a date. This aligns with the importance of thoughtful execution in gift-giving.

In summary, the article combines psychological insights, communication strategies, and practical considerations to guide individuals in giving flowers thoughtfully, considering the unique dynamics of their relationships.

A Guide to Giving Flowers for the First Time (2024)
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