Kroger Reward Program

Kroger Reward Program

To all of our friends and family that SHOP at KROGER and do not support another program in the Community Rewards, please call or go online and put our church # in ( 11845 ). It will NOT cost you any points or money off your account. Kroger Company will add you to our rewards program and give us points that add up for the church and send us a % out of their charity program.

Call 1-888-904-0800

Organization Rewards Program: International Gospel Lighthouse Church # 11845

Thanks so much, you won't even know how much it will bless us.
Pastor Anna

PS. If you have any trouble signing up,, please let me know.
They say we got 14 households supporting us, I would love to have at lease 30.

 Let me know please. Thanks again and God bless you. !!