Africa Foreign Missions Information

How the Missionary journey's started for the International Gospel Lighthouse church (formerly known as the Apostolic Full Gospel Lighthouse church)!
First, members of the Apostolic Full Gospel Lighthouse church attended Bro. H. Richard Hall's Camp Meeting in Cleveland, Tennessee. While attending this Camp Meeting in 1997, Bro. Prega Gounden approached Pastor Anna Overstreet and asked if she and others would come to South Africa and speak to the ladies at the Conference in April 1998. The immediate response, of Sis. Anna Overstreet, was no I don't think I want to do this and referred him to some other lady ministers at the Camp Meeting, that she thought would really like doing this and be more suited for the job. Because traveling to another country was not a desire that she (Sis. Anna) had in her heart at this time.

After being chastised by the LORD and trying to blot it out of my mind, I (Sis. Anna) found myself and six others were on a airplane with a destiny to Peitermarksburg, South Africa in April 1998. While there we sang songs, praised and worshipped the LORD, testified, prayed for those who wanted prayer, preached and taught at the Conference in that area. The Conference was an "out of this world" experience for the seven of us.
At this meeting in South Africa is where we meet Rev. Dr. Charles Mills from Accra, Ghana, West Africa and one of his fellow workers from his Church. We became friends and stayed in touch.
Bro. Prega Gounden and friends would stay in touch with us. Bro. Prega and family would visit the United States and visit with us at our church. They moved to the United States shortly after the Conference in South Africa.

Second, church members would attend the Camp Meetings in Cleveland, Tennessee and so would Rev. Dr. Charles Mills. At these meetings, he would ask, "When we are coming to Ghana". Rev. Mills would also visit with our church in Campbellsville, KY during his visits to the United States. His wife, Sophia Mills would join him occasionally. We all just loved her!
Every time he (Rev. Mills) would visit we would hear the famous question "When are you coming to Ghana". I (Sis. Anna) was not to thrilled about visiting a rough place. But then the LORD spoke to me and said, "YOU HAVE NO CHOICE". This was the beginning of our mission trips to Ghana!!!

Rev. Dr. Charles Mills and Rev. Sophia Mills was ordained in 2005 as International Evangelists by the International Gospel Lighthouse church.

In 2006, the International Gospel Lighthouse Ministerial Association was established in Accra, Ghana, West Africa.
This association is between the International Gospel Lighthouse church, U.S.A. and Fellowship of Living Praise church, GHANA.

If you need any information concerning I.G.L.M.A. please contact the following:

Headquarters: International Gospel Lighthouse, Inc., U.S.A
99 Lighthouse Road
Campbellsville, KY 42718 

President: Pastor Anna Overstreet
195 Lighthouse Road
Campbellsville, KY 42718
Home phone: 270-465-2594
Cell phone: 270-403-9913

Africa Representative
International Gospel Lighthouse Ministerial Association
President: Rev. Dr. Charles N. O. Mills
P. O. Box KN 1386
Kaneshie-Ghana, West Africa
Phone: + 233-277021508

Rev. Dr. Charles Mills and all the saints in Africa will always be a part of what God is doing here! We have lived in their home, mission house, slept in their beds, shared their joy and grief, and we know what kind of people they really are!

If you, your church, or business would like to support the mission field in Ghana, please contact Pastor Anna Overstreet. A few dollars will go a long way for them.

Thank you and may God's blessings be upon you!